The Braille Legacy – REVIEW

The Braille Legacy
Charing Cross Theatre, London

Seen on May 27th, 2017


The Braille Legacy

Charing Cross Theatre, London


Seen on May 27th, 2017

Reviewed by Jade Prince


A touching true story of the trials faced by Louis Braille, a blind teenage boy in 19th century France, as he strived to create a life changing tool which has helped to benefit millions of blind people around the world.

Whilst blind children were shunned by society and left to the care of the run down orphanages many of the children, and adults caring for them, lost hope. However, Louis never did.

I personally found this a beautifully touching story line with superb lyrics and vocals to accompany them. Jack Wolfe stood out from the onset of the show. His voice was unlike anything I’ve heard in a long time. I found it drew you into the character and was just so enchanting! As a whole, the ensemble all together sounded gorgeous throughout.

Costume wise it was kept very simple although detailing on the 19th century attire was visible. The adult cast members were clothed all in black and the children all in white with black blind folds (visualising them being blind). I think it was done very tastefully and really got the message across.

I have to admit, I came out feeling very unsure about the set choices. It consisted of a two level structure (resembling a building) in the middle of the stage which was able to pivot 360 degrees. While at some points during the show the structural movement worked well and was visually pleasing along with the cast movements, it seemed slightly redundant the other times. It was not very clear when sets had fully changed or which sets remained the same. I point this out but it did not detract much from my viewing experience. I think maybe the rotating structure would have worked better in a larger theatre. Charing Cross theatre is a very small and intimate space.

As a new musical it has masses of potential: great concept, amazing score and a unique honest story. I really look forward to seeing where it may go in the future.

The Braille Legacy is at Charing Cross Theatre until June 24th. Tickets available at

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