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Jade Prince (founder, writer and reviewer)

A1jiZPHDJade is 22-years-old with a passion for theatre although this wasn’t her initial plan. She has always enjoyed musical theatre but only found out her true love for theatre once she’d started studying for her Psychology degree. Throughout her university life, trips to the theatre were a weekly occurrence. Within the 3 years of studying, Jade also deputy stage managed a few amateur productions. Shortly before graduating university in 2017, Jade created Ginger in the Theatre as a way to voice her opinions on shows she sees as a result of the encouragement of her closest friends and family members.

Social Media:

Twitter – @jadeykins_13

Instagram – @jadeykins_13

Katie Middlebrook (reviewer)

DDxgmJdc.jpgKatie is 22 years old and has always had a passion for theatre but has only just recently started going more frequently. During the week Katie works in a nursery as a nursery practitioner but in the evenings and weekends you can usually find her at a theatre in London watching a play or musical. With Katie going to the theatre a lot she would love to share her opinions and views through Ginger In The Theatre to help other theatre-goers see the best shows. In the future Katie would love to be working in something to do with theatre whether it be front of house at a theatre or backstage helping in wardrobe and make up.

Social Media:

Twitter – @katmid0706

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