Teddy – REVIEW

Teddy – REVIEW

The Vaults Theatre, London



The Vaults Theatre, London

Seen April 7th, 2018

Reviewed by Jade Prince


Watch out Waterloo Station! If there are disruptions to the trains (and its not caused by South Western Railway for once) then it is because of the Rock ‘n’ Roll coming from below. It’s jolted the tracks! Its a swinging party down there!

This fast pace, on the edge of your seat show takes you back to a Saturday night in 1956. Two teens all glammed up and ready to hit the town. What could possibly go wrong? But it is important to remember ‘Desperate times call for Rock ‘n’ Roll’.

Such a unique show and unlike anything I have ever seen. It is safe to say that I absolutely adored it. Who doesn’t love 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll to start with? You are immediately thrown into a great mood when you take your seats. A trio on stage playing the finest music. This is even before the show began! What a treat we were in for!

The script was incredible. All I kept thinking was ‘this is Dr. Seuss for adults!’ Outstanding! It is poetic beauty and the music is a great addition to the script. It really aids the show and rounds it off in such a gorgeous way. For the majority of the show it really helped heighten the intensity.

It was so adorable seeing the young love fold out on stage. So picturesque! I loved the authenticity as well. Everything had been carefully thought out. Right down to the vintage glass bottles the band used. Little things like that really please me.

The set was stunning and completely at home in the Vaults. Completely stripped back and completely raw. I must admit I had the occasional difficulty in hearing the lines over the music. The acoustics in the vaults aren’t great so the music does have to be a lot louder which is to be expected.

Molly Chesworth (Josie) and George Parker (Teddy) play off each other so well. Such a delight to watch. I did find myself forgetting they are playing teenagers. Some scenes they are so grown up, street wise and ready to take on the world. So strong. Mature beyond their years. Yet, in other scenes they still believed in everything. Molly has the most entrancing eyes. So much naivety and child-like wonder. She had such an impact with her eyes regardless of the acting accompanying it which was great from both parts!

With each number I was wanting to dance. That want was turned into a need during ‘Dance off the blues’. Oh my goodness. That number was totally unexpected. I was not expecting the dance routine. My jaw was on the floor! Incredible moves.

Please, please, please get a ticket for this show. It is outstanding. If you want to be guaranteed a great show and a great time this is the only one you need!

More information about the show and tickets can be found at https://www.thevaults.london/teddy

Be sure to catch it before June 3rd!

Treading Water – REVIEW

Treading Water

Vaults Festival, London


Treading Water

Vaults Festival, London


Seen on March 4th 2018

Reviewed by Jade Prince


Screw it! I’m going all out and giving this one five stars. A beautifully touching piece of theatre with great humour.

The simple life of two lifeguards. Sue and Carol follow the same routine day in and day out. Their job to watch the world go by, the same view everyday. Including one gentleman who appears each morning like clock work. In a job where nothing very interesting happens, can Sue and Carol change that?

This was honestly such a cute play. I very rarely whip the world ‘cute’ out in my reviews but this deserves it 110%. It was so relatable on so many leaves and I really didn’t believe that awkwardness could look so cute! We have all definitely been in that situation where we have no idea how to approach someone you’re interested in. Should we do it Carol’s way of throwing it straight out there or Sue’s way of taking your time and trying to really understand that person? I fell in love with the three characters straight away which is such a huge achievement for a short play. Within less than an hour I wanted to hug all three of them.

The start of the play seemed very slow. A lot of observing the characters and their little, quirky behaviours. I really did like this aspect especially as I went in not knowing very much about the show. It had me feeling a little on edge and wondering what was going to happen but then I fell into the ‘comfort zone’. The kind of zone you’d associate with routine and structure. It was a beautiful feeling being at the same pace as the characters.

I absolutely adored Carol. We all have a friend like her. So blunt and providing such a wonderfully honest observation on life. This really pulled at my heart strings a little but it was so well balanced with humorous lines.

I have to admit that I was a little confused on the ages of the characters. Carol seemed to be in a very stale marriage (something that I would link with a middle-aged woman) while Sue seems very young and naive. Yet, at the same time then seemed to be very much the same age. It wasn’t anything that troubled me loads. I just distinctly remember having that question come to mind half way through the show.

It was just such a lovely, calm play highlighting so many subtle things in everyday life. No huge drastic plot changes or controversial topics but it worked so, so well whilst keeping an engaging speed. I just felt so refreshed as I left.

I predict big things for this show and I cannot wait to see it again.

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February theatre that has me excited!

February is almost here.

February is almost here. Anyone else taken a dislike to how fast January went by?!

But with a new month brings new shows to see and there are several that I am really looking forward to seeing in February!


February holds John Thaw’s Initiative Season at the Actor’s Centre where many writers showcase their new work. One I am looking forward to and already have tickets for is ‘Jam Jars’. The talented Lily Frazer has written this one. It sounds so good! We will get to see the first act in its early production stage and then will have the opportunity to then provide feedback through a Q&A with Lily herself or via feedback cards. I love seeing new work and have high hopes for this one (No pressure, Lily! Ha!) It’ll be great to see this one develop from such a raw state. Information about ‘Jam Jars’ can be found here at https://www.tristanbatestheatre.co.uk/whats-on/jam-jars


This next one I will be mentioning has already begun previews and I technically won’t be seeing it in February but my review will be posted that month! (I’m seeing it January 31st) Eugenius will be at The Other Palace throughout next month and is one that I have been dying to see. I missed its run at London Palladium last year so had to jump on the opportunity this time round. I have only heard great things about this show! Even more so now the previews have started at The Other Palace and I keep seeing friends posting about it. Beyond excited to see it on Wednesday! Ticket and show information: https://www.theotherpalace.co.uk/whats-on/eugenius


The Vaults Festival is also taking place over February where over 300 new shows will be showcased. I love this idea and how they are providing an opportunity for new work to be seen in a completely welcoming way. Such a variety including theatre, comedy and film. There are so many that I have my eye on. Vaults Festival will be taking place from January 24th until March 18th. All information regarding shows, dates, location and tickets can be found at https://vaultfestival.com


From February 20th to February 24th you can catch ‘Beats on Pointe’ at The Peacock, London. This sounds epic! All the way from Australia, Masters of Choreography will be bringing their talents to the stage in the heart of London. Have you ever thought ballet and street dance could never be mixed? Two polar opposite dance styles? Wrong! They are about to demonstrate that these go hand-in-hand to provide a whole new dance experience. This is a show that I will be jumping at! Tickets available at http://peacocktheatre.com/whats-on/beats-on-pointe-masters-of-choreography/

So, those are some of the things I am excited for. What shows are you looking forward to? Let me know down below and don’t forget to give those I’ve mentioned some love! Check them out and get those tickets!

Alice’s Adventures Underground – REVIEW

Alice’s Adventures Underground 

The Vaults, London


Alice’s Adventures Underground

The Vaults, London


Seen on September 14th, 2017

Reviewed by Jade Prince


On Thursday evening I took a little tumble down to the vaults and into their enchanting world of Wonderland. The hour and a half immersive experience takes you to every possible destination in Wonderland to meet the iconic characters everybody knows so well but DON’T TOUCH THE TARTS! This unique immersive theatre experience is back due to popular demand after its successful run last year and is inspiring a whole new world of immersive theatre.

Heading into the venue you were really transported to Wonderland. The theming was great from the onset. My friend and I had decided to get there early as we wanted to enjoy what was on offer in ‘The Wonderland Bar’. However, disappointment quickly set in. I like to make my reviews of the whole theatre experience as honest as possible and this is what I shall continue to do for this review. As we collected our tickets we were informed that we had to drop all coats and bags off at the cloak room, which was expected. The only issue being was that we then had to pay for this service. I found it very wrong to inforce a £1 per item charge for something that was required. I paid and put this issue to the side. To the bar for cocktails! More disappointment. The drinks menu looked great and I was so ready to try one of the themed cocktails. I ended up paying £9 for a small glass of squash instead of a cocktail. Watching the bar tender pour the drink and it only fill half the small glass which was then rectified with…more ice! There was no thought or care in making the drinks. I felt rather cheated. Which is a shame because the cocktail menu looked brilliant with magic elements to each cocktail. It wasn’t until we bumped into Rhea (FOH manager) that the night started to improve. She was so helpful. Had all the information we were looking for regarding the bar after the show. You could tell she was a great person who really loves her job! Thank you, Rhea!

Right, enough with the bar and on with the show! I really liked the way that an announcement was made through the bar when calling the people through for the next time slot. The Vaults are very strict on their ‘no late comers admitted’ policy so did everything and more to make sure that you were there for your entry time. Multiple announcements, projection images/clock on the main wall by the box office and even stage management and FOH running around gathering the stragglers. The way Alice’s Adventures Underground works is that throughout the evening performance times are staggered at every quarter of the hour where a new group will enter the show. The last group of the night were called forward and we headed into our waiting pen. The excitement grew as we had no idea what to expect and this excitement was fuelled further with the little glimpses of the entrance tunnel. Wow! Is all I can say about the first room/pre-show room. 10/10 for the theming. We had a little time to explore the whole room. It was so interactive, there were books to pick up, pianos to play, teddy bears and so much more. There were some elements of distortion which really worked well for the beginning of the transition from reality to Wonderland. Holograms of a girl appeared in different locations around the room when the show was about to start just to add a little more to the disorientation.

Then the real adventure down to Wonderland began! Into a life size zoetrope, the story telling continued. We then finally came into contact with the first of many actors. It was great to actually be given the choice as to which way we went through the maze: eat me or drink me! At this point the group split in two, red and black. We were taken through to the next section (Wonderland Boarding) and given some of the maze rules, obviously all in keeping with the theme and slipped into the script wonderfully. Then it was time to be split further, into our suits. It was really cute how we were all handed an individual card from a pack which obviously stated our suit and number. I personally found that the experience worked a lot better when we were in these smaller groups. It enabled a lot more interaction and a lot less pushing. It was a much more comfortable size in comparison to the larger group initially which was far too big.

We were taken threw the warren of rooms and I won’t go into detail with all of the rooms as it will make this post much longer than it is already, also, I don’t want to spoil all the fun! My personal favourite room was Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. That room was completely unexpected and very daunting to enter. Two giant cribs with both characters stood motionless on them as we were instructed to sit on the teeny tiny benches. And then the fun began. My jaw was on the floor that entire scene!

Whilst in these smaller groups, we had the same ‘joker’ leading us around and this was a great opportunity to get involved. The improvisation from the actors was wonderful and the attention to details made the whole experience. People in the group would say something at the beginning and sure enough later on in the experience the actor themselves would make reference to it. In one of the earlier rooms my name was revealed and boy, did they play on that! Just a lovely personal touch that made you feel part of the show, very memorable.

The groups were slowly brought back together later in the show for certain scenes of a more complex nature. The first being the mock turtle which was based in a really elaborate, beautiful set. This section in particular was initially very slow but picked up towards the end of the song when the rain effect started. Again, very unexpected! Just like the rest of the show, everything was so unexpected. There was no way I was able to predict anything that would happen next. Another great element I loved was that it did not matter where you were positioned in the group, you were still very much part of the action and did not miss anything. Between rooms there was a great deal of movement so this positioning was altered all the time. Sometimes I was towards the front; other times in the middle of the group and never felt excluded at the back.

At the end of the show the whole group came back as a whole for the finale. What a finale it was! Details from everyone’s show were revealed as we didn’t all have the same experience! A beautiful piece of puppetry work was witnessed (but to be honest all the puppetry throughout was stunning!). It was a great location for everyone to come together and for the final bows to be taken. That was one thing I was concerned about, that the cast would not get the recognition they deserved after the show but this was no issue and they most certainly received it. And then our journey into reality began. This was such an epic experience!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been done so many times however this version’s style had a whole new spin on the story and I felt like I was experiencing it all for the very first time. So refreshing! The adventure isn’t around for much longer so beg, borrow and steal to get a ticket!

It only has a limited time left and is booking until September 23rd. Do not miss this one! https://www.thevaults.london/alices-adventures-undetground

I cannot wait to see the next immersive experience at The Vaults, Hair the musical, opening this October for its 50th anniversary. I am very intrigued to see how a musical will work in this type of theatre. https://www.thevaults.london/hair-the-musical

Be sure to check out The Vaults as they have so many incredible events on: https://www.thevaults.london/about-c10fk