The Luna Cinema

The Luna Cinema


The Luna Cinema

Lydiard Park, Swindon


Seen August 10th, 2018

Reviewed by Jade Prince


You may be asking “Why is a theatre blog reviewing a cinema experience?” Well, I do hear that cry! The answer,  The Luna Cinema is showing an awful lot of theatre inspired movies and movies that eventually went to the stage as plays or musicals. What a time to be alive! 

I’ve heard bits about The Luna Cinema for a long time now but this year it has seemed to have really taken off…the weather probably helped with this! They advertise pretty much everywhere on social media and I just so happened to stumble across a post advertising one coming up in my home town. They were showing Pretty Woman in front of Lydiard House and I was needing to see this with my friend, Jenny, as we are both flying out to New York in October to see it on Broadway!

The premise of  The Luna Cinema is rather simple. It is a cinema, outside and under the stars. It is such a cute idea!

I knew the layout of Lydiard Park and I wasn’t too sure how this would work but I was in awe at how organised everything was. From the carpark it was clear exactly where we had to go. A short walk through the trees and you were at the open space. The whole Luna Cinema area was sectioned off. The gates opened at 7pm which gave plenty of time to find a wonderful spot, have a picnic and a few drinks with friends.

Entering The Luna Cinema arena we were greeted by friendly staff. I had a great laugh with the guy on the premium entry gate!

Everything was set up in a really orderly fashion. There were toilets, a pizza stand (I am not sure if this changes at each venue? It would be great if they used local vendors) and a bar which served an array of drinks. It wasn’t too over priced either which is always a pleasant surprise! At the bar you can also purchase blankets and backrests if the ground becomes to unbearable to sit on however they are also very happy for you to bring along your own folding picnic chair.

Once in, I pitched up near the front but honestly the screen was big enough to not cause a problem for those at the back.

Before the film, they had music playing in the background. The film was scheduled to start at 8:30pm however this was slightly delayed as the light would interfere with the projection. I did applaud that part. The team were not rushing to start the film. They wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy the film from the onset in the most optimal lighting.

To end, I thought that it was a really cute event. This was the perfect setting to see Pretty Woman. You got to lay back, what the film and the stars darting across the sky.

The Luna Cinema happens at many different venues all across the UK so be sure to check their website to find your local venue and what they are showing!

There is also Luna Kids Cinema so the little ones can keep their eyes open during the whole film.