Genie’s Cave Afternoon Tea

Genie’s Cave Afternoon Tea

Cutter & Squidge, Brewer Street, London

Genie’s Cave Afternoon Tea

Cutter & Squidge, Brewer Street, London


Tuesday 4th July, 2017

By Jade Prince

I had the privilege of attending the press launch of the Genie’s Cave Afternoon Tea and what a wonderful experience it was! From the moment I saw the initial promo I decided that I HAD to go (especially after experiencing the ‘normal’ afternoon tea at Cutter & Squidge) and this one did not disappoint. It felt like I was transported to an Arabian Night the moment my foot hit that bottom step. I was greeted with the friendly faces you always get in Cutter & Squidge and led down into the cave where my table was located. It was absolutely beautiful heading down the stairs and seeing the décor change from the very sleek, aesthetically pleasing image of the main shop floor to dimmed lighting with a purple undertone and all that glitter! Their basement is most definitely a chameleon of rooms. The transformation from its original secret garden to the Genie’s cave was magical!


As you reached the bottom of the stairs you are met with a stunning chest displayed in all of its glory, finished with all the shine expected (including a lamp!), and the appropriate C&S logo. Turning that corner into the main cave was magical. The chest display did not prepare me enough. Floor-to-ceiling, covered in glitter, even the tables. Everything was beautifully laid out and not a single detail was missed. I don’t think I saw anything that looked out of place!

Once we were seated the themed menu was revealed which not only included…well…the menu, but also a little back story of the genie’s cave, which was a really nice touch. It wouldn’t be C&S if their dreamy tea wasn’t served and it sure was, including a huge array of flavours with a few limited edition flavours too helping to add to the more inclusive feel.

The first food item you are presented with was visually stunning and the taste most certainly matched its appearance; appropriately titled ‘A Genie’s Welcome’ – your journey has well and truly begun. The flavours of the raspberry and pomegranate worked so well together and the candyfloss was a brilliant unexpected surprise. For me personally, it added to the magical element.

The main part of the afternoon tea was brought down and presented on dainty three tire cake stand, with the finger sandwiches on a separate tray which was in keeping with the gold cutlery and table wear theme. The three layers included some of the  many different wonders C&S have to offer, starting with savoury ‘wishes’ including Dessert Rose Tarts, Savoury Scone swirls and Golden Cheese. There was, also, a lot of choice to satisfy that sweet tooth, from a mini version of their signature dream cake, Macarons and even a magic carpet cookie. The whole thing was topped off with a Biskie. Those who haven’t been to C&S will be asking “a Biskie? But what is that?” Well, let me tell you, they are the most gorgeous things in the world! Go try one, ASAP. But back to the afternoon tea, sitting top and centre of the cake stand in all its golden glory was the Golden Treasure Biskie. A Biskie actually covered in 24 carat gold. I didn’t think Biskies could be made any more fabulous than they already were, but I was evidently wrong!

Even the Genie himself (Trevor Dion Nicholas) came down for the event and to see how it compared to his home cave. I had the perfect position to see his face, as he walked in and it was the most wonderful thing to see. His face lit up like a little child’s proving that magic is forever, no matter how young or old.

“What an incredible experience the Genie’s Cave was at Cutter & Squidge! The atmosphere alone is worth a second visit, but the menu was really where my preemptive excitement was validated. An impressive mash of savory and sweet items that truly compliment but never overshadow each other stuffed me full to bursting. The entire affair has been engineered to carry you to flavors that are familiar but still expressed in detailed and thrilling fashion.” – Trevor Dion Nicholas


My taste buds were taken on a magical carpet ride and they were not ready to land. Everything was just perfect: the atmosphere, background music (Disney instrumental tracks, of course!), food, and the service. Never pestering you, but always making sure you have everything you need and that drinks remain topped up. My friend and I spent a rather long time in the Genie’s Cave soaking up the surroundings and taking in every single detail, but we never felt rushed or that we over stayed our welcome. Abby (hope that’s the right spelling) was brilliant at explaining everything being served thoroughly and in such a calming voice. Little things like that really brought the whole experience together and transported you to another land. I’m still impressed how she was able to memorise all they things served and all of their individual details.

I really enjoyed the whole experience and am seriously contemplating going back already!

If you want to jump on the magic carpet and head to the Genie’s cave you haven’t got long to wait as this opens in store on July 6th. Be sure to book in advance though,