Carl Barron – Drinking with a Fork – REVIEW

Carl Barron – Drinking with a Fork 

Hammersmith Apollo, London


Carl Barron – Drinking with a Fork

Hammersmith Apollo, London


Seen on March 3rd, 2018

Reviewed by Jade Prince


“It’s gonna be a top night”

I was a little dubious at first when I got the email reading “AUSTRALIAN’S BIGGEST SELLING COMEDIAN TO PLAY AT HAMMERSMITH APOLLO”. That is one hell of a big claim and I was praying Carl Barron would live up to expectations. About 15 minutes into the show I started questioning myself as to why I even had doubts in the first place!

From Longreach in Queensland, Carl most certainly has a unique stance in the comedy world. A refreshing approach to the term stand-up. He had spent many years tiling roofs before branching into the comedy circle which has propelled him higher than any of those roof s could have. A man of many talents. A roofer who can play the guitar and who was raised by fuckwitts but didn’t turn into too much of a fuckwitt himself!

I personally enjoyed the show. An hour and a half of pure laughs. The Aussies definitely came out in force and I had that odd feeling of being the only British person there! It was at this point it dawned on me, ‘OMG! What if I don’t understand any of the context?’ Another doubt which was unwarranted! There were only a few moments where the accent made things difficult to understand as Carl got more passionate about a joke. And a few of the sayings appeared to have different meanings. It took about ten mentions of the line ‘she had the shits’ to understand that in Australia it actually means to be annoyed with someone. Over here in the UK we tend to use that line to convey someone has diarreha! A little different!

My only real criticism would be that one or two of the jokes were dragged out a little longer than needed. At these points I did start to lose interest but this was reeled straight back in when the topic changed.

Hands down I can say he is the only non-offensive comedian I have seen. A lot fo comedians these days rely on controversial topics and stereotypes to win them laughs however Carl did not need any of this. His use of relatable and honest material made the whole of Hammersmith Apollo howl with laughter! I’d say that he is suitable for the whole family. It must be noted that he does swear during his shows but he actually highlighted this potential issue himself and then justified his reason for that so perfectly.

For me, it’s a great sign when the audience are quoting the show on the way home! “It wasn’t the first 15, it was those last 2” in my case referring to the sharing box of chicken nuggets demolished on the train home!

It’s a shame he only had one London date but be sure to keep an eye out for future UK dates on the website I shall link below. It really was a great night! He’s back doing shows in Australia and New Zealand for a little while now but be sure to snap up those tickets when he’s back on British soil. The Aussies will definitely put up a fight for tickets but give them a beer and they should be grand!

His website with the list of upcoming gigs:

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