DENIM: World Tour – REVIEW

DENIM: World Tour

Soho Theatre, London


Reviewed by Jade Prince

DENIM: World Tour

Soho Theatre, London


Seen on January 11th, 2017

Reviewed by Jade Prince



Denim are fabulous! End of. They sure know how to put on a show to the crowd, whether that is a crowd of thousands and thousands of people in Wembley….or to 140 in the intimate Soho Theatre.

I thoroughly enjoy their show! I wasn’t too sure on what to expect due to the light-humoured nature of everything I had seen online about them however they did not disappoint this theatre nerd. They put on a full production. I was over the moon to see an actual written piece with all the performance numbers so cleverly added in. These ladies have pure talent! They have nailed their craft to a ‘T’.

It wasn’t anything cheesy or what I would have associated with other drag acts. Their world tour has wit through out. It was intelligent wit too. None of this ‘it’s really crude so lets throw it in!’. Everything had its place and it was a lovely balance of jokes. Props to the person/people who wrote their script. There were many a thing during the show which caught me off guard and revealed my ‘ugly’ laugh! I adore that in a show when I am completely unable to predict what comes next. Everything was so fresh!

Let’s move onto their singing abilities…because DAMN!…they can sing! Forget all of that ‘lip sync’ for your life. This was a whole new level. Each of these ladies could sing with a rather impressive range. As I expected, they sounded beautiful as a group but I was not expecting; firstly, them to have solo songs and secondly, for those songs to be just as strong. As a group they know exactly where their individual voices fit in and their harmonies were breathtaking. Some of the voices were rather comical and completely different to the dainty ladies they were on stage but that just made it 10x better!

It is truly one of those shows that you need to experience. I shall be raving about it from this day on!

In the back of my mind, it’s just screaming “THIS REVIEW DOES NOT. DO. DENIM. JUSTICE!!!” This is more just me word vomiting because I am not over this and will be getting tickets for another night!

This is a real feel good show and YOU NEED TO GET A TCIKET!!!!! If you are looking to have a laugh, see pure talent on stage and five people passionate about what they do, this is the show for you. They only have 8 more performances at Soho Theatre from now until February 3rd and the atmosphere from last night tells me it is going to be a hard ticket to come by. And with tickets ranging from £8 to £24 it would be rude not to go!

Tickets and more information on their performance dates can be found here:

Also, there is something very special in the works currently so if you loved this review and you love Denim be sure to keep an eye out for something on this page being posted soon….(that’s your cue to like, follow, share, etc. Ha!)…

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