Five Guys Named Moe – REVIEW

Five Guys Named Moe

Marble Arch Theatre, London


Five Guys Named Moe

Marble Arch Theatre, London


Seen on December 7th, 2017

Reviewed by Jade Prince


Arrive at Marble Arch and heading through the theatre doors for a little trip back in time and you’ll land at a jazzy cocktail bar slap bang in the middle of the 1940s. Here is where you will find Nomax in the middle of his drinking binge. It’s up to five guys named Moe (Big Moe, Little Moe, Eat Moe, Know Moe and Four-Eyed Mone) to drag him out of his pit and set him firmly on the right path.

Five Guys Named Moe 2

I adored the theming from the moment you step foot in the theatre. You were really transported to New Orleans. It is so cute in there and aesthetically pleasing! This continued through to the auditorium which was remarkable. Every detail was stunning.

The show itself was very enjoyable. My toe would not stop tapping! It is such a feel good show, I just wanted to jump up on stage and start dancing with them all (especially during ‘Safe, Sane and Single’ and obviously ‘Ka Pi Shi Pie’).

I really enjoyed the harmonies from the five Moe’s. They all sounded amazing however when they split into quartets for various numbers it was heaven to listen to.

The whole cast were incredibly talented and could really move! Idriss Kargbo (Little Moe) was a fabulous little mover. I couldn’t take my eyes off him!

I wasn’t expecting the audience participation but the cast handled it so well. They give off such an awesome vibe it would be virtually impossible to say no to them. Everybody selected to take part did so and had a great time whilst becoming an ‘honorary Moe’. Also, never have I been to a theatre were they actually encourage dancing out for the interval!

Five Guys Named Moe is a real feel good show and I would recommend it to everyone! It’s not a really expensive show. You can rock up, grab a drink in their stunning bar, get a FREE programme (unheard of in the theatre world!), chill, see a great show and to top it off the bar remains open after the show for the party to continue!

This show is booking until 24th March 2018 and you can get more information and tickets here:

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