Hamilton next week?!?!

Hamilton next week?!?!

We’re a week away. Repeat. We. Are. A. Week. Away.

I’m beyond excited!!!

Lin is in the country and tech week is in full swing AND full run-throughs are happening!!! The week is almost upon us. I managed to get my hands on a preview ticket back in January and I cried so bad. My poor housemates had to deal with me and honestly thought someone had died when I screamed the house down! I still laugh at Cleve fooling us all with his tweets that day “attempting” to get tickets as they went on sale before the cast was announced. I believed it all too! He’s a good actor.

It’s going to be incredible to see my ITH familia back on stage. It’s been too long. Crissie, Cleve, Alexzandra, Johnny and Courtney-Mae. I visited them far too many times in el barrio during ITH. Kings Cross theatre definitely became my second home during 2016. It may have led me to, unintentionally, follow in Nina’s footsteps and fail my second year at uni…but that’s another story! It was a year of no savings, solo trips to the theatre and drawing teeny tiny headshots of the cast. Ha! I wonder if Lin actually saw that?!

Hamilton next week piece

It’s so exciting to be able to see new faces on stage too! It’ll be really interesting to see what Jamael Westman brings to the role of Alexander Hamilton with him being a newcomer to the industry.

From all the tweets, we are all going to be blown away! No one will be prepared! Next Thursday can’t come sooner! Will I be able to take it all in?…..No. Another trip to the theatre where I’ll be sat on my own crying.

Have you got tickets? And for what date?

*All credits for the featured image goes to Hamilton*

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