Whisper House – REVIEW

Whisper House
The Other Palace, London

Seen on May 22nd, 2017


Whisper House

The Other Palace, London


Seen on May 22nd, 2017

Reviewed by Jade Prince


From the creators of Spring Awakening, Whisper House is set in a lighthouse during World War 2. Christopher discovers something strange when he moves to live with his aunt after his father’s death and mother’s hospitalisation. The mysterious music and whispers have grown more prominent and Christopher knows something must be done.

The rock musical contains an awesome score with catchy tunes that will be stuck in your head and you’ll subconsciously be singing “better to be dead” as you leave.

Alongside this brilliant rock score the actual story line seemed a little lost. It was difficult to see how certain elements of the story were relevant. I feel that this was compensated for through the music and the cast stage presence. There was always something to look at whether that was the actions of the ghosts or the small illusions performed.

Niamh Perry and Simon Bailey stole the show as the two “ghosts” skulking around the stage. Both voices worked wonderfully together creating beautifully eerie presence. These ghosts are said to be seeking revenge and Niamh’s whimsical voice definitely hints at her character’s sinister side. This is helped by her costume (simple, long silk dress) and chilling glares.

A very simple set was used effectively and had different layers working down to the pit of the stage giving the illusion of the height of the lighthouse. Other elements worked very well in creating the feeling of being in New England during World War 2, such as worn and mismatched chairs and wooden floorboards covering the stage.

I personally really enjoyed the use of projection onto the back wall of the set. One of the projections that really stood out was the stair well and how well the actors were timed with the movement of the stairs themselves.

Overall this was an enjoyable show to watch and very captivating. It was very in keeping with The Other Palace’s theme of hosting quirky new productions.

Whisper House is currently at The Other Palace until May 27th. Tickets available at https://www.theotherpalace.co.uk/whats-on/whisper-house

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